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Island Independent Living

Independent Island Living is the way that Extra Care is being provided on the Isle of Wight. Independent Island Living is a new way to provide housing options for older people and people with care and support needs.

How does Extra Care work?

Extra Care Housing provides a higher level of support than supported living but still allows you to retain privacy and remain as independent as possible. It is designed for people who need extra support to look after themselves, but not at a level provided in a residential care setting.

The type of care and housing offered in extra care housing will be different in different places – some schemes will have more facilities and services available than others.

Within extra care housing you will have your own home but with the added benefit of flexible, on site care and support if you want it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Extra care accommodation can be provided by a housing association or a private company. You can rent, part-own or own it, either by yourself or as a couple and again this will vary between schemes.

Typical Features of Independent Island Living

All schemes will be different but you can expect an Independent Island Living Extra Care scheme to include some or all of these features.

Residents of schemes are aged 55 and over and are able to live safely on their own with some support
Some schemes will provide specialised supported housing for vulnerable adults over the age of 45
Security of tenure – the aim is a home for life
Accommodation in self-contained apartments, with your own bedroom, living room, bathroom and front door
Qualified care and support staff on-site 24 hours a day to respond quickly to a variety of personal care and other support needs (planned and in an emergency)
A safe and supportive environment
Communal facilities and shared services, such as lounges, a dining area, laundry, hairdresser and gardens
Social activities to help build a community 

Care and Support

There will be a mixture of people living in each scheme with varying degrees of care and support needs.

This could include

People who are presently independent but will benefit from the assurance of an extra care setting
People with moderate needs
People with higher care needs who may otherwise have to live in residential care

If your needs change while you are living in an extra care housing scheme you can be re-assessed to get more or less care and support. You won’t need to move as you age unless you choose to.

Wellbeing charge

Care staff are on site 24 hours a day, which means in an emergency there is always someone on site to provide you with the care and support you need. This is separate to any day to day care package you may already have.

A contribution is required for this service and is called a Wellbeing Charge. In most cases this is charged by the housing provider directly.

The cost of a wellbeing charge will vary in each scheme.

What you might pay for

The cost will depend on the scheme you apply for, and the level of service you need. This can vary quite an lot, but for example, if you are renting an Extra Care apartment things you will be asked to pay for will be:

The cost of renting an apartment (you may be eligible for housing benefit)
A service charge for the upkeep of the building and facilities
Care and support costs, including a wellbeing charge
General household costs such as utility bills, telephone/internet and council tax

Care and support costs will vary depending on your needs. How much you pay for your care will depend on your financial circumstances

Who can get Extra Care housing?

Extra Care may be available directly from housing providers, or from other schemes.

Currently there are a limited number of schemes on the Isle of Wight, but it is likely that more will become available in the future. If you or your partner are looking for a place in an Extra Care scheme, you will need to meet certain eligibility criteria:

To be registered on the Island HomeFinder
To have been assessed by the Isle of Wight Council’s adult social care department, and to have eligible care needs

The Independent Island Living Local Lettings Plan can be found here.

How to apply for an Extra Care scheme

If you meet the age requirements and wish to apply for Extra Care housing on the Island, you will need to register on Island HomeFinder.  Details of how to apply can be found on the Registration page.  If you are already registered on Island HomeFinder, please contact the Choice Based Lettings team to advise them that you wish for your application to be considered for Extrea Care properties.  A pritable application form can be downloaded here.

You may be given higher priority if you have a local family connection on the Island.

Extra Care is designed for people who need care. If you have not already had an assessment of your care needs then you will need to contact the Isle of Wight Council to ask for one.


Extra Care schemes on the Isle of Wight

Ryde Village