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Below is a list of all documents that are available on this website.  


Island HomeFinder

Island HomeFinder Allocation Policy (PDF 713 KB)

Island HomeFinder Printable Application Form (PDF 402 KB)


Independent Island Living

Island Independent living is available to applicants who are 55 and over, or 45 and over with a learning disaiblity.  For further information about Island Independent Living please visit here.  If you do not meet the crieteria for Island Independent Living, or want general needs accommodation/sheltered accommodation, please complete the documents above.  

Independent Island Living Local Lettings Plan (PDF 574 KB)

Independent Island Living Appendix 3 (Printable Application Form) (PDF 802 KB)

Island Independent Living Medical Form (PDF 432 KB)


Affordable Rent

Southern Housing Group Affordable Rent Guide (PDF 363 KB)